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not to mention: sans parler de, d'ailleurs
He drank all the whiskey, not to mention that he insulted your grandmother. Il a fini tout le whisky, sans parler du fait qu'il a insulté ta grand-mère.
Susie is a remarkable director of public relations, not to mention that she is fluent in five languages. Susie est une remarquable responsable des relations publiques, d'ailleurs elle parle couramment cinq langues.


  • "These days, boasting about short nights seems more silly than manly, not to mention that anyone still working on Wall Street is lucky to have a job during these tough economic times!"
  • "Not to mention that it is illegal to drive in most states without at least some liability insurance."
  • "Not to mention, it's the morally correct thing to do!"
  • "He seems like a very sensitive fellow, not to mention how fit he is!"
  • "The mail will be collected this evening, not to mention I have this report to finish!"
  • "Not to mention the tse-tse flies!"
  • "You could work part time, not to mention there are crèche facilities."

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