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an odor (US), an odour (UK): une odeur

Pronunciation examples
UK: Pewwww! I can smell a strange odour coming from Tom's room.
US: I can smell that odor too. It stinks!


  • "Are you carrying any of the following items: Acids, ammunition, animals, corpses, cremated remains, explosives, firearms, fireworks, flammable liquids, hazardous materials, materials with a disagreeable odor, matches?"
  • "Curiously, the security didn't check them. I would love to share these special foods, wines and odors with you."
  • "A man who produced some of the most beautiful odors this planet has ever known, and even sold some of them as perfumes."
  • "Bruno mixed these flowers with red wine to create homemade perfumes which he tested on the family dog, Stink who allowed Bruno to spray him with various odors and fragrances."
  • "Good: Covers smell of bad body odour"
  • "Head "Nose" and creator of revolutionary new odors and fragrances"
  • "A perfume that revolutionizes odors and fragrances by smelling, well, different."
  • "I'm getting odours of long-weekends in Prague, raspberries crushed under the foot of a unicorn, and a distinct fragrance of lingerie."
  • "Every time the door to the men's bathroom opens, an odor escapes."
  • "Stink allowed Bruno to spray him with various odors and fragrances."

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