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of course: bien sûr, évidemment
Of course you can come to my party. Evidemment! Tu peux venir à ma fête.
of course not: bien sûr que non


  • "I'm not scared for myself of course - I'm standing behind 3 layers of bulletproof glass in my very own Brent-Mobile, inspired by the Pope's vehicle."
  • "Donna : Of course, Bruno."
  • "Of course you know Marie Theresa, the mother of the bride."
  • "I know it's up to you of course, but Susie- Oh that's right... You're probably wondering about Susie."
  • "Bruno : Of course."
  • "Of course! But tell me, how did Horatio injure himself?"
  • "The local time is 3:30 in the afternoon, and the temperature is 10 degrees celsius, and it is, of course, raining heavily."
  • "Bruno : Of course we do, Jones."
  • "Before we get started, I'd like to remind you that tomorrow's activities include camel boxing, camel racing, and of course the camel swimsuit competition!"
  • "Edward Marley : Of course I'm a hallucination!"

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