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an office: un bureau (le lieu)
offices Locaux (professionnels)


  • "Icarus : He was with me in my office, we were looking at videos of baby pandas."
  • "Just come to my office, where I will be waiting for you."
  • "Cleaning equipment and gas masks are available in my office."
  • "Welcome to my office!"
  • "As soon as you get this message, please meet me in my office immediately."
  • "In today's program we are going to take a special visit to the offices of the Delavigne Corporation where an amazing experiment is taking place."
  • "Narrator: And finally we move to the office of CEO Bruno Delavigne, where Special Assistant Brian Jones has been replaced by a camel."
  • "By happy coincidence, they all work in the same office, mmkay?"
  • "Come to my office to receive your punishment."
  • "Philip's success with women was legendary in the office."

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