Traduction On one's way

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he's on his way: il est en route, il arrive
I'll be on my way (now): je m'en vais, je vais partir (maintenant)


  • "Borbala tells me that a repairman is on his way to my apartment (in Midtown Manhattan) and should arrive within 3 hours."
  • "On my way into the office the other day I noticed an old bicycle just outside the main entrance to the Treasure Trove Towers."
  • "Susie : You'll never guess who's on his way to my office right now."
  • "In fact, he is on his way to Central America next week, to look into some promising opportunities there."
  • "We can do a quick "hello, how are you", and then I'll be on my way."
  • "On my way to my desk."
  • "I am on my way to my desk."
  • "Even I will admit that she's rather unpleasant, so I advise that you give her what she needs so that she can be on her way."
  • "Edward : The bus set off, we were on our way"
  • "I'm in the lobby, on my way up."

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