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(to be right) on time: (être juste) à l'heure


  • "I expect you all to be present, awake, attentive and on time."
  • "And you're all on time!"
  • "You should work harder, you're never at work on time and I often see you doing stuff that isn't related to your job."
  • "Next week, don't be late - try to be on time."
  • "Bruno : Ahem. Thank you all for respecting my wishes, and arriving here on time."
  • "You're on time... for once in your life."
  • "Make sure you're on time to welcome him. Please go ahead and start without me, I'm running a bit late - my dog had water aerobics."
  • "Please show up on time and wear loose-fitting clothing."
  • "You're right on time! Please sit down, Jean, John."
  • "Send the bill to Bruno, there's a guy that'll pay you on time."

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