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Traduction Open

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to open (a door, a file): ouvrir (une porte, un fichier)
(an) open (door): (une porte) ouverte
an opening: une opportunité, une ouverture, une possibilité


  • "Philip : Ok, open the door, let's see what we're dealing with here."
  • "I can smell the poo already, and we haven't even opened the door yet!"
  • "The Corsican : Now you go up to the safe, you open it, and you give us the money!"
  • "My door is always open."
  • "Alright, you can open them. Tell me what you see."
  • "Warbuckle's Department Stores will donate a sum of 1 million dollars annually to charitable causes promoting democracy, free trade and open borders in Europe."
  • "I set up the net, you open the champagne."
  • "Open me up and take a look inside"
  • "Brian : Well aren't you going to open it, sir?"
  • "I want you to take this ladder, and this rope, climb out of the building and open the door on the other side."

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