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an orange: une orange
(an) orange (hat): (un chapeau) orange


  • "Train employees (both female and male) depressed me with their glamour, slenderness, and orange make-up."
  • "I can't decide what to wear: The purple shirt with green stripes, or the orange shirt with silver spots... My meeting with Philip Cheeter is in half an hour."
  • "Our lab tests reveal nearly fatal levels of mescaline, bath salts and bong water in his system, as well as trace elements of orange juice and horse tranquilizer."
  • "We do have a wide selection of beverages: red wine, white wine, vodka, whiskey, cognac, apple juice, orange juice, ginger ale, soda, even Fresca."
  • "I was carrying a box of cornflakes when I slipped in a puddle of orange juice on the floor."
  • "It's too bad really, I was looking forward to seeing you in one of those cute orange jumpsuits."
  • "Air hostesses depressed me with their glamour, slenderness, and orange make-up."
  • "Because where we live, in the north west of the west of France, she goes outside with the pigeons and she hunts them down, and then she makes a beautiful pâté à l'orange with it."

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