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to order (from a menu): commander
I order all my bathing suits on-line. Je commande tous mes maillots de bain sur Internet.
(to place, to make) an order, (to take) an order: (passer) une commande, (prendre une) commande
an order un ordre
to order (someone to stop): ordonner (Ă  qqn d'arrĂȘter)
to order (some papers): organiser, mettre de l'ordre dans (des papiers)
to put in order ranger, mettre de l'ordre


  • "At approximately 14:53, a great white shark was spotted offshore, and lifeguards ordered swimmers out of the water."
  • "Philip's client : Can I order in French?"
  • "Who ordered the double cheese and sausage?"
  • "My order arrived this morning."
  • "Hannah : Can we order?"
  • "Wild boar sautĂ© (must order 10 days in advance)"
  • "Edward : I ordered a guitar from your website."
  • "Bruno : What, am I ordering a pizza here?"
  • "Are you ready to order?"

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