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(What are you doing) out there?: (Que faites-vous) là-bas, à l'extérieur ?


  • "You were really great out there, with all those jokes about killing people!"
  • "If you've sent a thousand resumés, then there are a thousand companies out there reviewing your file."
  • "I'll send a cab out there right away."
  • "There's bandits out there trying to take my gold."
  • "Don't give up hope because that special man or lady is out there and I am here to help you find them."
  • "Although most people do in fact accept dinosaurs as a real, though extinct species, there are some religious fundamentalists out there who refuse to acknowledge the existence of these fantastic lizards."
  • "Or for you Americans out there, "soccer"."
  • "It's pretty depressing out there today."
  • "What's going on out there?"

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