Traduction Pain

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pain: la douleur, la peine, la souffrance
painful: douloureux, pénible, difficile


  • "The more painful the better!"
  • "Jean, is love always this painful?"
  • "They are very painful, especially when you sit on them."
  • "Bruno : Sounds painful."
  • "It's common knowledge around the office that she is going through a painful divorce."
  • "I'll be hosting the event in the Delavigne cafeteria with nothing but earplugs and a bottle of strong Scotch to kill the pain."
  • "Not to worry however, Icarus is able to use a calculator without major pain, and I'm sure I'll be thrusting vigorously in no time at all."
  • "Brian : I don't know, but going to the toilet has become a painful experience!"
  • "I am your dentist, and I get off on the pain I inflict."

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