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a palace: un palace, un palais, un château


  • "Harold, this place is more of a palace than a ranch."
  • "Regarding a restaurant in Hong-Kong: if you want to try something different, I really enjoy "The Joyful Shrimp Palace", located downtown."
  • "Philip : And a Karaoke palace."
  • "I'm looking for Buckinghamshire Palace."
  • "Dr. Tzu's Karaoke Palace and Chinese restaurant."
  • "Our charismatic and handsome leader has granted us the rare privilege of visiting him in his humble palace."
  • "Waiter : Hello and welcome to Dr. Tzu's Karaoke Palace and Chinese Restaurant."
  • "Brian : I want a tour of the palace!"
  • "I'm from Arkansas, and the only thing I'm interested in is seeing your Queen sitting in her palace with her crown jewels on her head."

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