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a pioneer: un pionnier
pioneering: innovateur, innovant, d'avant garde
The work that Horatio has done in the perfume industry is truly pioneering. Ce qu'a fait Horatio dans l'industrie du parfum est vraiment innovant.
to pioneer (a medical treatment): ouvrir la voie, être le premier à découvrir (un traitement)
In the Amazon, Horatio pioneered the research on a cure for Anosmia. En Amazonie, Horatio a ouvert la voie à un traitement de l'Anosmie.


  • "One of the pioneering fathers of the fragrance world, Mr. Bruno Xavier Delavigne, is dead."
  • "The board of the IACF thought it only fitting that you, one of the true pioneers in the fragrance and cosmetic community, deliver the speech to mark the Vicennial anniversary of our organization."
  • "All this will further cement this company's reputation as an industry pioneer and leader."

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