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the police: la police
to police: maintenir l'ordre, sécuriser


  • "Olaf : Ja, we don't like the police right now."
  • "Lots of police around."
  • "You just have to get us away from the police, ok?"
  • "We are language police, fighting bigotry."
  • "The police?"
  • "Police report that no one at the bar was sober enough to describe the suspected assailant's face accurately."
  • "Get out of here before the police come and kill you too."
  • "This is General Hurley Burley of the United States Army and newly appointed deputy of the World Police."
  • "I should really report you to the police, but I will take great pleasure in dealing with this matter personally."
  • "The police are after me, you must take it."

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