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a prison: une prison
to go to prison aller en prison
a prison sentence une peine de prison


  • "Looks like you've managed to escape prison one more time!"
  • "After being kept in solitary confinement for two hours, he will be released only to discover staff and friends dressed as prisoners, and the festivities will begin in the old prison canteen!"
  • "Bruno will be "captured" by some fake policemen, mildly beaten and then taken to the prison in a boat."
  • "He says that it reminds him of his youth in an Uzbekh clown prison, but did not elaborate."
  • "I ain't going back to prison, you'll see!"
  • "It will take place on Alcatraz Island, at the infamous prison."
  • "And I thank God that I am a woman and you are a boy, and not the other way round, otherwise I would be in prison."
  • "The unit is available now, previous tenant in prison"

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