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to protest : protester, manifester
There were thousands of people out protesting the war. Des milliers de personnes ont manifesté aujourd'hui contre la guerre.
a protest: une protestation, une réclamation, une manifestation


  • "Tension in this country is high - riots, protests, and angry tea drinking seem inevitable."
  • "So, what's the deal with this protest?"
  • "Edward : We're marching to Bruno's office in protest!"
  • "As some of you are no doubt aware, May Day, also known as International Workers' Day) is this Friday, and apparently a few thousand people will be celebrating with a mass protest on the streets of San Francisco."
  • "Susie : As I was saying, protests, customer boycotts and international mistrust are all dangers here."
  • "Susie : Nearly 1000 laborers in Vietnam protested the poor working conditions by refusing to work."
  • "He denied us our right to march in the May Day protest, so we're denying him his right to leave the office for the weekend."

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