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a river: une rivière


  • "Conductor : On your left you can see the Charles river, named after King Charles I of England."
  • "Three months later, Kai's body washed up on the shore of the Yangtze river."
  • "At the Bombonera stadium in Buenos Aires last Sunday, an incredible match between Boca Juniors and River Plate ended in an amazing 0-0 draw!"
  • "Behind us is man with funny hat, and over there large river... which is also church, da?"
  • "Picture the river."
  • "Bruno : The Park is teeming with wildlife and natural features, from the Old Faithful Geyser to the mountains, lakes, rivers, canyons and forests."
  • "Kensington's alright, it ain't south of the river."
  • "Life is like a river, flowing down a long mountain."

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