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a romance: une romance, une aventure amoureuse

to romance: se comporter d'une manière "romantique"
To romance est rarement utilisé.


  • "I'm here to answer your questions about anything and everything: love, sex, romance, work, anything at all."
  • "My hobbies are wining, dining, dancing and romancing."
  • "But as usual, the conversation inevitably turned to romance."
  • "Cross-referencing with idioms. Begin romance sequence."
  • "Man : Yeah, that's good, but how about some romance?"
  • "And he's a Sagittarius, which means that he likes indulgence, and romance novels, and new mobile phones, and gold bracelets -"
  • "Brian : Born to an exotic dancer named "Ecstasy" and a hot dog vendor named Larry, Philip Cheeter was always divided between his passion for romance and his devotion to sales."
  • "So, how you should travel to the city of lights / the capital of romance / the Paris of, well, France?"

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