Traduction Sacrifice

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a sacrifice: un sacrifice
to sacrifice: (se) sacrifier
to make some sacrifices faire quelques sacrifices


  • "Do they sacrifice humans there?"
  • "Bruno : Listen, Brian, I'm sorry but we both agreed, if I let you become president of Europe AND keep your job at Delavigne, you would need to be willing to make some sacrifices."
  • "In closing, I'd just like to dedicate this moment to my grandfather Xavier Delavigne, who raised me like his own son, taught me the perfume trade, and sacrificed everything he had to send me to this school."
  • "Hannah : And we can't afford to sacrifice quality by letting just any site sell our products."
  • "I've had to make sacrifices: a haircut was one of them."
  • "This blatant conflict of interest is one such sacrifice."
  • "Horatio : Ah, my new human sacrifice."

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