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a salesman: un vendeur, un commercial
salespeople: les commerciaux


  • "Well, the ultimate salesperson needed the ultimate challenge."
  • "I'm dressed as a salesman."
  • "After years of research, I'm proud to introduce you all to my newest employee, THX-1134, the ultimate salesperson!"
  • "Unfortunately, I'm not able to attend the event, as I'm scheduled to see my personal trainer at 8AM, the dentist at 10AM, I have a meeting with the Sales Department at midday, lunch with Harold Warbuckle at 1.30PM, and then a video conference with one of our Australian salespeople at 9PM."
  • "Boorish salesman"
  • "What kind of salesperson are you?"
  • "Philip : Ok, sales people, drop the phones for a minute and gather round the Sales King - me!"
  • "Me, a salesman, seen in the sales department?"

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