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a sauce: une sauce


  • "Young man : Barbecue sauce is in aisle 20, with all the other condiments."
  • "Clarence : We have a sauteed swordfish in celery sauce, as well as seared sea bass in soy sauce."
  • "(Those poor ducks) Followed by frogs' legs in garlic sauce."
  • "Horatio seems unaffected by our predicament and is currently bathing in a cauldron of bearnaise sauce."
  • "And how about the barbecue sauce?"
  • "Sorry about the barbecue sauce on her wings."
  • ""mint" sauce contains no actual mint"
  • "2 x hot bbq sauce"
  • "Cheese omelet and "mint" sauce*"
  • "Clarence : As far as poultry goes, we have a stuffed pheasant smothered in a shallot sauce."

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