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to say: dire
He said he was coming. Il a dit qu'il venait.

Notons que ce verbe est irrégulier :
I say / I said / I have said
Say... (or "Let's say..."): Disons... Mettons... ; Dites…
Say, are you free Friday night? Dites, êtes-vous libre vendredi soir?
You'll need, say, three hours to finish this job. Vous aurez besoin de, mettons, trois heures pour finir ce projet.
(Could you) say it again?: (Pouvez-vous) répéter ?


  • "What are you saying?"
  • "Brian May says I've got a real head for business, and Freddie Mercury says I have an arse that won't quit."
  • "He says they remind him of Bruno Delavigne."
  • "Brian : Say, do you know any jokes, Horatio?"
  • "Another airport official confirmed that Delavigne was inebriated, adding "He told his entourage to get on the ship and bring the wine, saying that it was time to "take this party to the motherf***in skies"."
  • "I'm probably going to regret saying this, but there's a secret I've been dying to share with someone."
  • "I said, "Horatio you've got to go on without me"..."
  • "The balloon lost radio contact with airport personnel some time after 7:00 am, said air traffic controllers at the Napa Valley Hot Air Center."
  • "Female, I would say, probably a long-beaked common dolphin, native to this region."

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