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to select: sélectionner, choisir
We will be selecting a new IT technician next week. Nous allons choisir un nouveau technicien informatique la semaine prochaine.
select: privilégié, chic, sélect
a select few des privilégiés


  • "During the booking process, passengers can select the cabin crew for their flight, based on photos and body measurements."
  • "I've selected a number of provocative outfits for the shoot - Japanese schoolgirl, sexy nurse, dark-haired CEO of a perfume company... just to name a few."
  • "It is reality for a select group of people called City traders, though their number has just been reduced by one."
  • "Composers of any jingles selected will be treated to a meal at the restaurant of my choice."
  • "Therefore, we are delighted to inform you that you have been selected to compete in the Olympic Games."
  • "I hope that's okay, that's the option I've selected."
  • "I've attached a spreadsheet that will help me select the best day for the picnic."
  • "Moreover, I'm honoured and touched that you selected me to be the photographer for your first photoshoot!"
  • "As Horatio is still away from the office doing God knows what God knows where, you have been selected at random to look after his monkeys this week."
  • "Sadly, I must inform you that you have not been selected for the position."

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