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to sort out (a problem): résoudre, régler (un problème)
to sort things out: tirer les choses au clair
Sort this thing out quickly. Tirez cette affaire au clair rapidement.


  • "I'll see you at the village after you sort things out with your, uh, wife."
  • "Lucy, you stay on the line and we'll sort out the paperwork, okay?"
  • "The point is, if you make some changes here and there, you're bound to get your financial situation sorted out in no time."
  • "After all this turmoil and excitement, I needed to sort things out for myself in the comfort of my family home."
  • "Edward : Don't worry Mrs Blunt, I'm sure we can sort this out."
  • "You're all capable of sorting out a printer jam on your own."
  • "So if you're still willing, I'd like to get together over lunch, or maybe even brunch, so that we can sort out this trouble with your loans once and for all."

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