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(an enclosed) space: (un) espace (clos)
Giant strawberries need big spaces to grow. Les fraises géantes ont besoin de beaucoup d'espace pour pousser.
(Can you see the asteroid) in space?: (Peux-tu voir l'astéroïde) dans l'espace ?


  • "A place where the User space could be consulted at any time, day or night, online or off!"
  • "Let me welcome you to Yellowstone Park, one of America's greatest natural spaces."
  • "Donna : Listen to me, Icarus from San Francisco: your personal space is sacred, and no one can harm you there."
  • "If you need extra space, you can just drag your applications from one screen onto the second screen!"
  • "Things got a little bit crazy in Kalackistan and I told him that I needed some space, a little bit of time to think."
  • "There's not enough space at our current site."
  • "I've got my own space, in space."
  • "I cannot stay in small spaces, I get hungry."
  • "I can fit into tight spaces!"

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