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a spokesperson: un porte-parole
And now, a few words from this year's spokesperson. Et maintenant, le porte-parole de cette année a quelques mots a vous dire.


  • "She is the spokeswoman for the perfume company Delavigne Corp, known for its numerous eco-friendly initiatives."
  • "Radio Rhubarb has obtained an exclusive communiqué from an alien spokesperson who calls himself "Ershnalaflslkjlksjfgps"."
  • "In a surprising announcement yesterday, a spokesman for the tiny island nation of Zirconda expressed the country's desire to join the European Union as a member country sometime in the next decade."
  • "Seeing as you're the official Delavigne spokeswoman, I'm going to need you to do some official speaking this weekend."
  • "A very smug company spokesperson reported that revenues from world-wide perfume sales are up by 20% compared to this time last year."
  • "I am the spokesperson for the company as well as a special assistant to Mr. Delavigne, Bruno Delavigne."

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