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a star: une étoile, une vedette
a four-star hotel un hôtel quatre étoiles
Marilyn Monroe was a huge star of her day. Marilyn Monroe était une grande vedette à l'époque.
to star (in a film): jouer le rôle principal (dans un film)
I want to star in their next movie. Je veux jouer le rôle principal dans leur prochain film.
It's a comedy starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. C'est une comédie avec Tom Hanks et Meg Ryan.


  • "This room is where Hollywood stars are "intimate" with themselves and others."
  • "This is the moment you've waited your whole life for: a voyage to the great unknown, a trek to the stars!"
  • "I want to give you the moon and the stars and the sun, and I want to get you a small planet if you want!"
  • "Despite his humble beginnings in the deepest, darkest Amazon, General Oléré stood out like a shining star."
  • "The Delavigne Corporation is delighted to announce the launch of the new and improved Classic Collection publicity campaign, still starring Ivana Bümbüm. Offering a more subtle approach than the first version of the Classic Collection campaign earlier this year, the new marketing strategy is more innovative in its attention to nuance, and its bespoke approach."
  • "Search for hotels with four stars"
  • "Everyone knows that stars do drugs."
  • "We received 7.5 out of 10 stars."
  • "Bruno : Brighton, the star of the show!"
  • "It's where the stars "experiment" with different substances."

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