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such: tel, pareil, ce type
I've never heard of such a thing! Je n'ai jamais entendu une chose pareille!
such as: comme, tel(le) que
It was at a circus such as this one that Luna discovered her first love. He was an acrobat named Steve. C'est dans un cirque comme celui-ci que Luna a rencontré son premier amour. C'était un acrobate dénommé Steve.
(It was) such (a boring movie that I fell asleep!): (C'était un film) tellement (ennuyeux que je me suis endormi !)


  • "In diverse cities such as New York and San Francisco, delicatessens specialize in everything from Chinese fortune cookies to Italian pastas."
  • "New president of Europe Brian Alistair Jones, the winner in a hotly contested election that divided citizens over issues such as a national cheese, sits in his office with a reflective look on his face."
  • "He told me I must be careful of bloodsuckers such as yourself."
  • "Hannah : If you think I'm going to such a violent spectacle, you must be joking."
  • "Bethany : Hmm. Phone calls are worthless in cases such as these."
  • "I am actively seeking an executive assistant opportunity in a demanding, fast-paced, multi-tasking environment such as the Delavigne Corporation."
  • "I don't often get such a pretty lady to come here on her own accord... and for free!"
  • "Only a man would take you to such an awful place."
  • "Close relationships with organized crime, such as the Teamsters Union's ties with mafia boss Anthony "Tony Pro" Provenzano, led the government to change its traditionally benevolent stance."
  • "I was under the impression that a customer service department and a customer service hotline had been put into place exactly to handle situations such as this one."

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