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to take someone (somewhere): emmener quelqu'un (quelque part)
Notons que ce verbe est irrégulier :
I take someone / I took / I have taken
to take (something, time): prendre (quelque chose, du temps)
to take a break: faire une pause


  • "He'll have a briefcase with him. You will take this briefcase and return immediately."
  • "Another airport official confirmed that Delavigne was inebriated, adding "He told his entourage to get on the ship and bring the wine, saying that it was time to "take this party to the motherf***in skies"."
  • "Yesterday, Shoshana and Youri took me to the National Museum of Kalackistani History."
  • "If you fix it, I'll take you back home to San Francisco."
  • "Gonna take you right into the danger zone"
  • "Susie : After dinner, Bruno took me to the hotel."
  • "Only a man would take you to such an awful place."
  • "When we arrived in Paris, he took me to a restaurant in the Latin quarter for a romantic dinner."
  • "He takes my perfumes and gives them to Kalvin Krime!"
  • "I'll take your apathy."

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