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a task: une tâche, une besogne
Moving this piano will be no easy task. Déplacer ce piano ne sera pas une tâche facile.
a task-master un esclavagiste
Attention a task ne signifie pas "une tache" (stain) dans le sens de "salissure".


  • "Horatio : Look, this is my "task list"."
  • "When I was a perfumer in Paris, I completed all my tasks with a dance and song."
  • "Philip : Before completing my mission, I have but one remaining task... to take a look at the contents of said microfiche!"
  • "Bruno : I will now divide you into two teams. Each team will have a diabolically difficult task."
  • "Your task is to clean the laboratory, and by extension, any monkeys therein."
  • "Brian, going forward all these tasks can and will be done by BrianBot!"
  • "Do this task that I have demanded of you, and your redemption will be assured."
  • "Project motivation (I have attached a sort of "task list" to this e-mail for you to show Miss Stake."
  • "He's here to bring music and dance to your everyday tasks."
  • "Day 3 : Our tasks include washing dishes, peeling potatoes, and having our spirit slowly crushed by the inexorable passing of time."

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