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a television, a TV, a "telly": une télévision, un téléviseur
on television à la télévision


  • "Man on television : Hi."
  • "Candy: I'm in Starbucks, Brent, enjoying a Frappuccino, and watching the news on TV."
  • "Bruno : Lastly, on Thursday from 11.45pm until a quarter past midnight, please record the best cooking show on TV – "Sex in the Kitchen"."
  • "Did you see Florence on TV last night?"
  • "Philip : That's because you are the only person in the room – she's on TV, dude."
  • "I'm watching the commercials on TV!"
  • "Not being able to read is a serious disadvantage in this modern world where writing is everywhere: on television, on billboards, on the Internet, in magazines."
  • "They watch games live on TV, despite the time differences."
  • "I'm sure you've seen him on television."

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