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tidy: rangé, net, propre, joli, coquet
Icarus likes to keep his office tidy. Icarus aime bien garder son bureau rangé.
to tidy up: ranger, mettre de l'ordre
I'm going to tidy up the house today. Aujourd'hui, je vais ranger ma maison.

Pronunciation examples
UK: A tidy house means a tidy mind.
US: I hate tidying up my bedroom.


  • "Your space is tidy, well-organized, and architecturally stimulating, much like yourself."
  • "I am very clean and tidy and respectful of others' space and privacy."
  • "Bob probably needs to tidy up a bit, Horatio should do his best to stay sober for a few days and Luna may want to extinguish a few of her candles."
  • "tidying up after your spoiled daughter;"

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