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to fire (an employee): renvoyer, mettre à la porte, licencier (un employé)
to fire (a gun): tirer (un coup de feu)
a firing: un renvoi
As a noun, firing is rarely used.


  • "Read my fax! You're fired"
  • "People do crazy shit when they get fired."
  • "I'm sick of the hirings, I'm sick of the firings."
  • "Just come right out and say "you're fired" - simple as that."
  • "I simply say "You are fired" in my sexy (and largely incomprehensible) accent and the person limps out of the office with a big smile on their face."
  • "Luna : No Woody. You're fired. I'm so sorry."
  • "You've got to fire Woody this time."
  • "Wed, 19 Jan 11:01:33, Philip Cheeter wrote: FIRE EDWARD MOON!"
  • "Brian : So we're not fired?"
  • "Question 24: How do you fire someone?"

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