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to outsource: externaliser, sous-traiter
Many companies outsource their production to Asia. Beaucoup d'entreprises sous-traitent leur production en Asie.
outsourcing: l'externalisation, la sous-traitance


  • "We've heard many positive things about your factories, and we're very interested in outsourcing some of our production to you and your workers."
  • "I just wanted to check in regarding our discussion on Delavigne's outsourcing policy."
  • "To recap the topic of our discussion: we are going to continue our debate regarding the Delavigne Corporation's policy on outsourcing."
  • "Remember that we could have outsourced the naming process to another company, but I convinced Bruno that our talented marketing department could take care of this internally... so, let's prove me right, okay?"
  • "I am not interested in outsourcing our customer service work to foreign countries for a variety of reasons."
  • "Fashion insiders predict that within two years D&C will be outsourcing abroad for cheaper labour and materials, eliminating the biggest advantage that D&C had over its competitors."
  • "Subject: Conference call follow-up to our discussion on outsourcing"
  • "Subject: My conclusions on the outsourcing issue"
  • "International outsourcing is certainly one of the foremost concerns of contemporary business ethics."

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