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a twin (brother, sister): un jumeau, une jumelle
I have a twin sister. J'ai une sœur jumelle.
a pair of twins des jumeaux, des jumelles


  • "Evil twins?"
  • "It turned out she had a twin sister who used to act in... adult films. The director of one of her films was a friend of a drug dealer who got arrested and put in prison."
  • "The British twins decided to get the group back together last month in a transparent attempt to make more money."
  • "Actually I'm expecting twins!"
  • "I still laugh at the joke you told me - the one about the dwarf, the calculator and the twin sisters."
  • "My twin brother used to play French cricket."
  • "The group, led by twin brothers Desmond and Brian Jones, is back together after a messy break-up nearly 20 years ago."
  • "Or she's here... Or they're here... maybe it's twins!"
  • "I am already engaged that evening to speak at Twin Heights elementary school for Career Night."

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