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(-How are you? -I'm) very well!: (-Comment allez-vous -Je vais) très bien !
(-I'll groom your dog for you.) -Very well!: (-Je vais toiletter ton chien pour toi.) -Ok ! D'accord !


  • "Todd : Very well."
  • "Very well. This meditating is making me happy."
  • "Ludwig : Very well."
  • "Although the script is very well written, we think that a movie about a serial killer with a pathological obsession with Delavigne products may harm our brand's image."
  • "Bruno : Very well, Danica."
  • "Very well, let's have a seat."
  • "Brian : Yes sir, very well."
  • "Bruno : Very well."
  • "-Yes, they treat very well."
  • "Brian : Very well: pigeons, prostitutes, torture, beer... all good subjects, but I've decided that we'll be talking about the recent internet anti-piracy laws in Europe."

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