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a village: un village


  • "In a remote village, Delavigne first met Horatio Oléré."
  • "Emcee : Our second panelist is a camel farmer from the peaceful village of Basra, Iraq."
  • "They mean you no harm. Please come with us to our village."
  • "Bruno : Horatio, I'd like to reach your village before nightfall."
  • "I'll see you at the village after you sort things out with your, uh, wife."
  • "Kiwi bloke : No, the area, the gay village."
  • "Tantra : Well, your chief was found not far from our village."
  • "I like very much your village and I would like to stay here forever and ever."
  • "Due to a tragic gas explosion in the Olympic village, all other contestants were killed before the event."
  • "Mr. Delavigne, staying at a fancy hotel and not at the Olympic village, was the only surviving competitor."

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