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(to do something) well: (faire quelque chose) correctement, comme il faut
Well done! Bien joué! Bravo!
a well done steak un steak bien cuit

Well, (I wasn't expecting this!): Eh bien, (je ne m'attendais pas à ça !)


  • "Harold : Well, that's quite alright, Miss MacDonald."
  • "Well, I have a surprise for you, Gymglish users."
  • "Well, the ultimate salesperson needed the ultimate challenge."
  • "Edward Marley : Well, you could lose your health, you could lose your soul, you could lose your reputation, you could lose your trousers, you could lose your fortune..."
  • "Harold : Well that's a replica of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco."
  • "Brian : Well, what's left of the balloon?"
  • "Brian : Well, when the ladies discovered we were escaping, Horatio and I ran as fast as we could."
  • "Tantra : Well, your chief was found not far from our village."
  • "Well I think the goal was to express the problem in matrix form, so we're really maximizing C to the power of T times X, which is subject to AX smaller than or equal to B, with X being greater than or equal to zero."
  • "Well how about "Watergate 2"?"

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