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(the north) wind: le vent (du nord)
windy venteux
a wind instrument un instrument à vent
to wind: enrouler
to wind a watch or a clock remonter une montre, horloge

Notons que ce verbe est irrégulier :
I wind / I wound / I have wound
(a) winding (road): (une route) sinueuse

Pronunciation examples
UK: The wind blows across the long and winding road.
US: The wind is making it difficult for me to wind this wool.


  • "For the past two weeks, there have been constant thunderstorms here, and the winds have reached speeds of 200 miles per hour, which usually indicates that there's a tornado on its way."
  • "Highs of 33 degrees, sunshine and no wind until Monday."
  • "I go wherever the wind blows me."
  • "The contemporary dance company "Legz 11" will be performing their latest production, called "Wind in the Treez"."

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