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with: avec
I will go with you. J'irai avec toi.

Pronunciation examples
UK: Are you with me or against me?
US: I live with my mother.


  • "Though it's gone a bit too far with the giant tortoises."
  • "Icarus : Because I was with him!"
  • "And he's helping us with our paper recycling system. He's very efficient at chewing confidential financial reports."
  • "Is it true that you were with him on the night in question?"
  • "This development pleases me, and I would like to congratulate this person on their desire to attain Nirvana with us, or possibly just Soundgarden."
  • "I will not be with you today, but do not feel abandoned."
  • "With Chuk-Chuk!"
  • "Icarus : He was with me in my office, we were looking at videos of baby pandas."
  • "Samantha : If I may, sir, camels are amazing animals, and I am currently in a serious relationship with one, but there is no way that a camel could replace a human being at a highly skilled office job!"
  • "Chuk-Chuk : It is time to greet the day with energy and determination."

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