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wood: bois
a wooden table une table en bois
the forest le bois


  • "Brian : Or a piece of wood!"
  • "( Bruno and Horatio emerge from the woods )"
  • "Jonas : Umm. Cars, mobile phones, paper products, chemicals, steel and wood... that sort of thing."
  • "I recently had guests visit me, and I was quite embarrassed to have to apologize to them about the state of my bathroom. Explaining the large pieces of wood and plaster lodged in the toilet and sink was particularly difficult."
  • "Hannah : Ok, I was about four years old I think, and I was lost in the woods."
  • "Brian : ...or a piece of wood..."
  • "But the microfiche is in my wood"
  • "I have a small bed made of feathers and wood."
  • "Betty : They're playing in the woods."

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