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(to work) nights: (travailler de) nuit
the night: la nuit, le soir, la soirée


  • "At night, to survive becomes a real challenge."
  • "I decided to ring them up for a night on the town."
  • "Wednesday : The bad boy of smoothies allegedly stayed in for a quiet night, with pizza and a DVD."
  • "The boxed set will feature three vintage Delavigne perfumes: "Moulin Magic", "Paris by night" and the new gold-label edition of "Bordello Breeze"..."
  • "It will be night soon."
  • "Is it true that you were with him on the night in question?"
  • "Edward : Silent night, holy night."
  • "You can spend the night there."
  • "Susie : What he wasn't night...with the doors closed."

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