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a worker: un travailleur, un ouvrier
The workers leave the factory at 7:30 p.m. Les ouvriers quittent l'usine à 19h30.
to work: travailler


  • "Bruno : Okay Leonard, when you talk about "the people", and "the workers", and your "comrades", you do realize that union members make up just 1.3 percent of the staff at Delavigne?"
  • "Our workers are very happy."
  • "The AFS machine automatically dismisses a worker after their name has been entered into its database."
  • "She's a good worker."
  • "And all the workers are paid the minimum wage or above?"
  • "Mrs Lee : We treat our workers very fairly, Mr Connors."
  • "This could be removed if the worker is not a fan of comedy."
  • "We've heard many positive things about your factories, and we're very interested in outsourcing some of our production to you and your workers."
  • "We are curious about the conditions of the workers here at ChinaCorp Ltd."
  • "Virtually unbreakable, so should be a worthwhile investment (assuming our workers don't steal them to wear as sunglasses)."

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