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some advice: des conseils
I need some advice. J'ai besoin de conseils.

to give advice (to sbdy) : donner des conseils (à qqun)
Pronunciation examples
UK: Telling me to clean my computer in the bath was bad advice!
US: I advise you to dry it in the oven.


  • "What advice do you have for us?"
  • "Harold : Hey, thanks for the advice Bruno."
  • "Edward : Great advice, Papa."
  • "Thanks in advance for any advice"
  • "Okay guys, thanks for the advice."
  • "However, we don't want to run the risk of contracting this or other viruses in the future, so here are some words of friendly advice"
  • "Janine : Well Brent, in light of recent job cuts, Radio Rhubarb has prepared some advice on what NOT to do when applying for a job."
  • "Our advice to concert-goers: if you enjoy vulgar language, prepare to be delighted!"
  • "Please be patient with him and listen to his advice."
  • "Ok guys, thanks for the advice."

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