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(Andrew is a handsome long-haired boy) aged (13 and three quarters): (Andrew est un joli garçon aux cheveux longs) âgé de (13 ans 3/4)
This ficus has aged well. Ce ficus a bien vieilli.


  • "Here are some questions for those of you aged under 25: What do the letters "LP" stand for?"
  • "It is Delavigne's biggest seller Down Under (in Australia), and has been among the most popular fragrances for men aged 25-40 until recently."
  • "aged 69, dead."
  • "The 10% increase in perfume sales to men aged 15-24 in the last five years is a positive for the market, as this is a key age group in terms of new brand targeting."
  • "aged 69, alive and well."
  • "Susie : Our key demographic is divorced, love-starved women, aged 29-55."
  • "The typeface looks faded and dull to me, and then there's the weak allusion to my grandfather, it's just aged badly."

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