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an aircraft: un avion, un aéronef

a (space) craft: un vaisseau (spatial)
Note that the term "craft" is very versatile. It can refer to almost any vessel used for sea, air, or space travel.


  • "It may sound like an accident waiting to happen, but certain high-profile university professors are researching powering aircraft with on-board nuclear reactors."
  • "Ray Upton, there are 5 B-2 stealth bombers currently surrounding your aircraft, each carrying missiles with a nuclear payload of 6 megatons."
  • "American Pilot : This is your final warning, Radio Rhubarb Traffic Copter 1, land immediately or we will open fire on your aircraft."
  • "Engineers are currently developing craft which would be able to fly from London to New York in 35 hours."

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