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an allergy: une allergie

(I am) allergic to (camembert): (Je suis) allergique (au camembert)


  • "Hannah : No thanks, I'm allergic to dogs."
  • "Brian : But he has an allergy!"
  • "I personally have numerous allergies which prevent me from smelling properly -"
  • "Because I'm allergic to oysters."
  • "However, I now have an answer to all of your concerns: health and safety, hygiene, nutrition, freshness of food, vegetarian options, vegan options, kosher options, halal options, nut allergies, and all the other things you're always bothering me about."
  • "And I am allergic to everything!"
  • "-Bruno is allergic to caviar."
  • "Ms. Lohan is known for her abnormally large shoulders and allergy to avocados."
  • "Betty : Are you allergic to making love?"
  • "Brian : But Bruno is allergic to onions and garlic."

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