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(I'm doing) all right, alright: (Je vais) bien
Alright (familier et souvent utilisé à l'oral) est la forme contractée de all right.

alright: d'accord, OK
Can I come too? -Alright. Puis-je venir aussi? -D'accord.

Pronunciation examples
UK: Are you all right? You look rather ill.
US: Alright then, let's go.


  • "Horatio : Alright everyone, back to San Francisco for an emergency meeting!"
  • "Bruno : Alright, just let me put on some music."
  • "Are you alright, Jenny?"
  • "Now I'd like to open the floor for questions and comments, alright?"
  • "Bruno : Are you feeling alright Susie?"
  • "Alright cherie, the courtship is over"
  • "ALRIGHT LUV / DARLIN' (Hello madam)"
  • "Alright, I'll try."
  • "Alright, only one more apology to make and I am done!"
  • "Icarus : Alright, everybody, settle down, there's no reason to panic, even though this is an emergency, there's no reason to panic!"

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