Bring back

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to bring (a friend) back (a gift): rapporter (un cadeau à un ami)
I brought you back a beret and a baguette from Paris. Je t'ai rapporté un béret et une baguette de mon voyage à Paris.

to bring (a child) back to (their home): ramener (un enfant chez lui)


  • "He's going to help us bring the music back to Delavigne."
  • "Operator : Then for your return journey, you can catch the 10AM bus out of New York on July 26th, which will bring you back to San Francisco on July 30th at 11AM."
  • "Feel free to bring me back a bottle or two."
  • "Horatio : We must track them down and bring them back to San Francisco!"
  • "Now, if you can make me laugh, then I can bring Earth humor back to my planet."
  • "I'll tell you what, bring your plant back today and we'll replace it with something less."
  • "I will bring it back as soon as it is finished in the oven."
  • "Want me to bring back any souvenirs?"
  • "Bring us back a penguin for the office."

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