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to cry: pleurer, crier

a cry: un cri, un appel
a cry for help un appel à l'aide


  • "crying like a little Brian Jones!"
  • "I don't cry."
  • "I'm hearing a lot of crying from the accounting cubicle."
  • "Baby going to cry if he doesn't have his milk."
  • "Susie : Oh come on now, Samantha, look, she's crying again."
  • "You ain't nothin' but a hound dog, cryin' all the time."
  • "No crying!"
  • "That's great, but I'm not crying."
  • "Horatio : Why you cry?"
  • "You've only been alive for a matter of months, but I've already had reports of public indecency, aggressive lullaby singing, diaper throwing, tummy aches, temper tantrums, loud crying and some very serious accusations of milk abuse."

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